20 Money Saving Tips When Shipping At Amazon

Today Amazon is synonymous with online shopping.  Amazon allows you to literally buy anything online at a great price without stepping a foot out the door.  And if you sign up for the Prime program, you can get things shipped to you free with 2nd-day shipping – sometimes even the same day!  But besides just casual shopping, Amazon is a great place for retail arbitrage.  You can find great items to buy from Amazon for reselling and you can also utilize Amazon for trade-ins and as a marketplace to sell.  Therefore I am going to go over some money saving tips everyone should know about Amazon.  

Awesome Money Saving Tips When Shopping At Amazon

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Get a 15% discount on Prime Membership

Amazon Prime offers a lot of amazing benefits but it doesn’t come without a cost.  Normal price is $99 dollars a year but if you sign up through MyPoints, you save $15 dollars!  What’s even better is new members of Mypoints gets $10 dollars free just for signing up and spending $20 dollars within the first 30 days.  That drops your Prime membership down to only $74 a year.

Get a refund if the price drops

Amazon is always changing prices, and if the price on something you buy falls within the next two weeks, you’re entitled to a refund of the difference.  You can claim this by email, live chat, or on the phone. If your price drop is outside of two weeks, you have the option of returning the item and rebuying.

Get an additional 5% off by using Amazon Visa card

Just like having a credit card from Walmart, Target or Lowes; Amazon offers you a 5% rebate on all purchases if you charge to your Amazon Visa card.  The 5% is off any purchase within Amazon with no limitation.

Get an automatic refund if price drops

Amazon doesn’t offer automatic refunds just yet but there is a website that you can register with that will track the prices, and put in a claim for a refund on your behalf.  It’s at, and it is easy and free to register with. checks your email for purchases.

Get free Amazon gift cards

Looking to get free Amazon gift cards?  One of the easiest ways is to use Swagbucks.  Sites like Swagbucks pay you for watching videos and trailers, shopping, signing up to websites – basically, things you already do online.  Everything is free and you can convert earnings for Amazon gift cards that are delivered instantly to your inbox.  $5 dollars free for signing up.

Get Prime for free if you’re a college student

I mentioned above about how great Prime membership was for free 2nd-day shipping but did you know college students can get 6 months membership of Prime for free?  It’s not the full Prime membership, as it doesn’t include Instant Video, but it does get you free two-day shipping. During the membership, you can convert to a full membership for 50% off the normal rate.  This only works if you have a .edu email address.

Share your Prime membership

Amazon allows you to share your Prime membership with anyone else in your house. It can be anyone as long as they share the same mailing address.  They will get full benefits, including free two-day shipping.

Exclusive Prime discounts

Amazon occasionally offers great discounts on Amazon products such as tablets and echo/dots, fire sticks, etc…for Prime members.  Recently Amazon started offering Prime discounts on random items they sell. Having Prime membership gives you a slight advantage over others especially if you’re looking for things to flip.

Cash Back on Amazon purchases

If you don’t yet shop through a cashback/rebate site, you’re missing out on free money!  Cash back sites are basically shopping portals where for every customer they send to a business/website, they earn a commission.  For a shopper, it’s an easy way to make/save money.  One of the most well-known ones is eBates.  You can earn as much as 5% cash back when you go through eBates.  Another is MyPoints which offer you points for purchases and then you can redeem them for cash or gift cards afterward.

Save up to 15% by subscribing

Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program is another way to save 15% on your purchase.  All you have to do is commit to buying a product at regular intervals (1-6 months), and Amazon will take 5% off the price.  After having 5 things on subscription, the discount goes up to 15%.  You can cancel the subscription anytime.

Amazon has coupons

You can clip coupons on Amazon just like anywhere else.  Just head over to Amazon Coupons to browse all the available coupons.

Free Amazon Mom service

Amazon Mom is a service for Prime members that will save you quite a bit.  You get a 15% discount on all baby registry items within 2 months of your due date.  You can also get a 20% discount on diapers using the Subscribe and Save program – and just think, you don’t have to haul them all home.

Amazon price tracker

Wish you can track how low an item has dropped to in the past?  Aren’t sure if the price you’re paying is a good one?  This is where can help you. Simply set an alert there, and it will notify you if the price falls.  It also has a historical tracker showing how low and high the price was previously.

Amazon Gold Box

Every day, Amazon fills its Gold box with great daily and lightning deals.  Many of these daily expire in a few hours or less and sometimes are gone within seconds.  This is a great section to pick out bargains for flipping.

Join Amazon’s mailing list to get deals in your inbox

Want to be notified of deals?  Join Amazon’s mailing list and you can.  Just go to Amazon Email Subscriptions to see the categories and to sign up.

Amazon’s Trade-in

Amazon’s trade-in program is great for electronics such as cell phones, tablets, computers and video games.  They usually offer more than some of the other players in this market.

Get diapers at 20% off & have them delivered free

If you have a Prime membership you can ask Amazon to deliver diapers to you and get 20% off.  Just register with the Subscribe & Save program and set how often you would like them delivered.  The shipping is free and you can cancel anytime, and best of all you don’t have to carry a big box of diapers home from the store.

Get bigger discounts through Amazon warehouse deals

If you don’t mind getting 2nd hand or used items for a discounted price, then take a look at Amazon Warehouse Deals.  This division of Amazon is limited to used, refurbished, warehouse damaged and open box items, but often they are as good as new. If you find that you don’t like the condition of the item, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Amazon Outlet

If you love great deals and bargain hunting, shop Amazon Outlet for low prices on markdowns and overstocks.  Unlike Warehouse Deals, Outlet items are brand new.  There are also daily deals.

Convert leftover Visa gift cards that you can’t use anywhere else

Do you have a bunch of Visa gift cards that are under a dollar that you can’t use?  Convert them to Amazon credits!  Simply purchase a gift card and apply your visa gift card as payment.  You can convert gift cards as low as $.15 cents.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, these money saving tips will help you reduce costs and maximize profits.  In the comments, please let me know if these tips worked out for you!.  And if you have any other tips I’ve missed, please me know.

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