5 ways to resell clothes for profit

You may have heard the stories about how people are selling used clothes and making thousands of dollars a month. This may sound like an exaggeration but it is true for many and the best part is anyone can do it!  Here is an example of a 23-year-old making $5000 a month selling thrift store clothes.   Here is another example of a mom who’ve sold over $500k of clothing over 3 years.  Clothing resale is astoundingly a $16 billion industry.  So how do you get started?  Here are 5 ways to resell clothes for profit. 


Swap.com is the world’s largest online consignment store for baby, women’s, maternity and kids’ apparel and accessories.  They claim people shopping on their site typically save around 90% off the full retail price of the products they purchase.  Swap has over 380,000 unique products with nearly 20,000 newly listed items are added daily.   Swap offers the option of having you ship your items to them for consignment sales.  They will sort, photograph, list and market your items on your behalf so that you can earn money as quickly as possible.  Best of all, if your items have not sold after 45 days, they will offer to buy them.  Swap claims an average customer box sent to Swap.com earns $150 in sales proceeds.  Click here for more info.  

Bonus Info:  The clearance section on Swap is a great place to source items to resell.  Often you can find toys and clothes that can easily flipped elsewhere for more.  


5 ways to resell clothes for profit

The two examples of people who are making thousands a month that I gave in the intro are doing it through Poshmark.  The trendy and social site has over a million people looking to buy clothes and only about 800,000 sellers, so simple math tells you that the demand is definitely higher than the supply. You should not have any trouble selling here.  Download the Poshmark app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play store to get started.  


5 ways to resell clothes for profit

ThreadUp is kind of like Swap.com but it is mostly focused on kid’s clothing. ThredUp is definitely a top choice for mothers who want to make some easy money as their children continue to outgrow their clothes. Just send them a bag of clothes and they send you a check.   Recently ThreadUp expanded into women’s clothing and accessories. 


5 ways to resell clothes for profit

This is a marketplace for high-end used clothing.  Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, are just a few brands you might see on this site.  If you want to resell clothes, accessories or shoes that may be too expensive for some of the other options then this is the place to be.  Just like some of the other options above, you do not need to list items yourself.  Just send SnobSwap what you want to sell and things are taken care of with very little hassle.  


5 ways to resell clothes for profit

TheRealReal specializes in luxury brands. You send them your clothing and they authenticate them and list them on their website for consignment. 

In Conclusion

There are a lot of sites and apps you can utilize to sell used clothes these days.  For those starting out, I suggest starting by selling clothes from your own closet first.  Get a feel for how to sell and build up your reputation and presence.  Then start looking for clothes to buy that you can resell.  Thrift stores and garage sales would be great sources on where to buy quality and cheap clothes to resell.  The clothes get updated weekly and there is pretty much an endless supply.  You can look for greatly discounted clearance items from retail/online stores that can result in a nice profit.  Lastly, don’t forget to check eBay as you can pick up some nice clothes for pennies on the dollar especially when the seller lists the item incorrectly with a misspelled title or in a wrong category.  Good Luck!

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