Books Galore!

As many of you have seen, my blog posts not only cover traditional ways of sourcing and selling items but also many non-traditional ways.  The non-traditional ways can involve new technology or new places to source from or even new products to flip.   I am always learning and besides trial-and-error experiences and reading other blogs and webpages, I love to get myself educated by reading.

I go through at least one book a month but try to fit in more if possible.  Below is a list of my favorites and I’ll be consistently updating these from time-to-time.


For those who are starting out, I highly recommend taking a look at these books.  Getting situated with an eBay account and being able to navigate (to do research) and to sell is essential to flipping.   Also getting situated with Craigslist and Etsy is essential at researching and selling things.

For Part-Timers

For those who have started flipping but haven’t being doing it for long or have flipped too many items, these books are great reads to help you get to the next level.

For Advanced Flippers

If you’ve been flipping for a while and want to get to a state of flipping full-time or achieving financial freedom, then these business and self-help books are highly recommended.

Other Mentions

These books are also worth taking a look at.  Great reads.