The Dos and Don’ts of Flea Market Flipping

The Dos and Don'ts of flea market flipping

A flea market at first glance looks a little intimidating.  That’s because most flea markets are full of strange things and sometimes even stranger people.  Most shoppers usually have their heads spinning by the time they’ve walked the first aisle.  So how does one truly find the great deals and come out on top? (more…)

Retail Arbitrage for Dummies

retail arbitrage for dummies

So what is retail arbitrage and why should you care?  You should care because it’s about flipping items you find within a retail store and then turning around and selling it at another retail store for profit. Basically, anything you can buy low and sell high between two retail stores (physical or online) is considered retail arbitrage.

In fact, you might have been doing it all along without knowing it! Although finding items to resell could be done anywhere, there are a few stores, in particular, you should focus on especially when starting out.  Take a look where and what basic strategies you should follow. (more…)

How to Make Money Selling Used Books

how to make money selling used books

Finding books to flip isn’t as hard as one might think.  Sure we are all hoping we land on a rare 18th century 1st edition book signed by the author but besides landing on a once-in-a-lifetime find, there are other ways of making money with used books.  Best of all, flipping these days are much easier due to new tools available to the general public.  Let’s take a look at how to make money selling used books.


Work From Home By Starting A Flipping Business

work from home by starting a flipping business

Want to work from home?  If so let me introduce you to the buy and sell, a.k.a. “flipping”, business. You’ve probably heard of flipping homes which have been super popular ever since the housing bubble. But did you ever think about flipping other things that didn’t require so much capital or time?  For example, old and dated furniture often seen at garage sales can be flipped for big profit.  And common day items such as clothes, electronics, cosmetics, costumes, and even books can be flipped as well.  

Continue reading to see how you can work from home by starting a flipping business and why it is the best choice.   


How To Resell Clothes From Outlet Malls

how to resell clothes from outlet malls

I’m going to cover one of my secrets with flipping and that’s to resell new clothes you get off the rack or shelf from outlet stores.  For most of you reading this, i’m sure you have been to outlet malls before.  But for those who haven’t let me explain.  An outlet mall is essentially a mall full of retail stores.  They look very similar to the normal ones with the same brand names you usually see such as Nike, Gap, Coach, 5th Ave.  The difference is the stores within an outlet mall generally sells brand name clothes at a steep discount compare to their normal retail counter part.  Best of all on top of the steep discount, many of the outlet stores also carries clearance items and accept coupons for even greater savings.  Continue on and learn how to resell clothes from outlet malls.


How to Flip Silver & Gold Coins

How to flip silver and gold coins

For centuries, silver and gold coins has been the object of desire and envy for many people. Wars were fought and lives were sacrificed just to be in possession and control of massive amounts of these two precious metals.  Today i’m going to show you how to flip silver & gold coins.