4 Pro Tips On How To Reduce Shipping Costs

4 pro tips on how to reduce shipping costs

There is nothing worse than seeing high shipping costs eat away your profits.  If shipping costs are not carefully considered and calculated up front before purchasing a potential item to flip, you may end up with a loser on your hands.  With the various different shipping service offerings as well as options such as delivery/signature confirmation, it’s no wonder why so many people are overpaying for shipping.  And don’t forget about the packaging materials required as well which eats into profits even more!  Have no fear, let me show you 4 pro tips on how to reduce shipping costs.   (more…)

Coupon Stacking For More Profit

Coupon Stacking for More Profit

How to stack coupons together is an advanced strategy among online flippers but recently with the introduction of new sites and apps, it is something all flippers can now utilize.  If you’re not aware of stacking, it is basically a way for you to apply multiple coupons and/or discounts to a single item.  Since there are only so many ways to increase profit margin, reducing your purchase cost with coupons, cash back rebates and discounts are essential.  So before you throw away all of your coupons, learn how coupon stacking for more profit can help you.


How to Make $100 Dollars of Flipping Profit in a Day!

This blog post is going to be different than the other ones posted because I am going to show you guys real world flipping examples from myself.  The reason is I know there are still a lot of people fearful of getting started or even doubting that flipping can actually be done with great success.  I had a great shopping day yesterday and I am to utilize the opportunity by showing you guys how to make $100 dollars of flipping profit in a day!


4 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home (1 Hour or less!)

4 Easy Ways To Make Money From Home

This is the first post on FlippingIncome that concentrates on other ways to make money besides flipping items.  I’ve been getting feedback from some subscribers that flipping is great but they still crave about other ways to make money (or save money). Thus I’ve decided to branch out from the usual and provide some new fresh ways to make money, especially ones that take almost no effort to do!  Most of the ways listed below literally take no more than 1 hour to accomplish.  So without further delay, here are 4 easy ways to make money from home!