Buying Clothes From Online Consignment Stores to Resell

buying clothes from online consignment stores to resell

I’ve searched Google up and down for days and I was surprised to find very little articles that discussed how to flip or profit off of clothes from online consignment stores.  Since we already know that it’s possible to find new clothes with tags for sale within thrift stores, at garage/yard sales and also in boxes at flea markets – it’s hard to picture why most people skip over consignment stores.  These days browsing consignment stores can be done with mouth clicks online and it is definitely something that you should not ignore.  Online consignment stores are fantastic and great for finding new clothes to resell! (more…)

How To Make Money With These 6 Items From Dollar Tree (Part 1)

How to make money with these 6 items from Dollar Tree

Think flipping dollar store items is too hard?  Do you have a hard time believing that retail arbitrage is possible?  This post is going to show you exactly how to make money from Dollar Tree with 6 items that are all priced under a dollar.  These items are not sales items nor limited time specials, they are items you can buy anytime both online or in store.  Let’s take a look at how to make money with these 6 items from the Dollar Tree.    (more…)

Retail Arbitrage for Dummies

retail arbitrage for dummies

So what is retail arbitrage and why should you care?  You should care because it’s about flipping items you find within a retail store and then turning around and selling it at another retail store for profit. Basically, anything you can buy low and sell high between two retail stores (physical or online) is considered retail arbitrage.

In fact, you might have been doing it all along without knowing it! Although finding items to resell could be done anywhere, there are a few stores, in particular, you should focus on especially when starting out.  Take a look where and what basic strategies you should follow. (more…)

Buy and Sell Websites for Profit

Buy and sell websites for profit

When I started flipping over 15 years ago, it was right after the dot come bubble of the 2000s.  Back then if you wanted a nice looking website, you had to either learn HTML code or pay someone to develop a nice looking page for you.  So the entry barrier was much higher.  Fast forward to today, there are a ton of tools and themes and builders out there that make it super simple to deploy a good looking website within a hours time.  Because the entry barrier is low and the invention of ad-based advertising and affiliate marketing, there is now a large market for buying and selling websites. (more…)

8 Things to Buy and Sell on Craigslist to Make Money

8 things to buy and sell on Craigslist to make money

Craigslist came out during the dot-com era of the 90s and has stayed true to its roots for over 20 years.  You can definitely tell by the ancient design and extremely awkward user interface.  Even with the bad press, it has gotten over the years, it is still the place you want to go to if you have to buy and sell locally.  Location-based apps such as OfferUP and LetGo has become popular as of late but the number of users on them is still very small compared to the user base on Craigslist.  Therefore if you want to buy and sell local, stick with Craigslist.  Let me show you the 8 things to buy and sell on craigslist to make money. (more…)

6 Things to Look For at Thrift Stores to Resell

6 things to look for at thrift stores

With the explosion of thrift stores within the last 3-5 years, thrifting is now at its height of popularity. Besides having at least 3-4 thrift stores – Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army – within a few miles from where you live, thrifting is also extremely popular due to consistently updated inventory that sells both used and new items for pennies on the dollar.   (more…)