flipping free stuff on craigslist

This almost sounds too good to be true but yes you can get free stuff on Craigslist that is worth a lot of money.  You are essentially getting free money if you put some effort into looking, hauling, cleaning and reselling.  Many of you probably have used Craigslist before to buy and sell locally but did you ever stop and check out the “free stuff” section?  It’s incredible some of the things people are willing to give away simply due to lack of time or manpower.  Let’s take a look at how you can make a lot of money by flipping free stuff on Craigslist.

Where Do I Go?

If you’ve never browsed Craigslist before, where have you been???  Load it up, select the nearest city and you’re presented with the main page with several categories. They include housing, personals (watch out for this one), discussion forums, etc… but most importantly we are looking at the for sale category.  Under the for sale category, there is a subcategory called free or free stuff.  This section is dedicated to free things that people don’t want anymore want and desperately out of their home.

What Can I Find?

It’s pretty much the wild west in terms of what you might find but from my experience the things given away are valuable. Sure sometimes you might run into people trying to get rid of their broken bed frame from the 60s but normally the listings are filled with great furniture pieces, exercise equipment, appliances, yard tools, fish tanks, landscaping stuff (rocks, mulch, boulders), and even full decks and swimming pools!  These are things are worth hundreds to thousands of dollars when new.

Why Are People Giving Things Away?

So what’s the catch?  Why would people give away such expensive items for free?  Simply because the owner’s inability to move the item himself or herself.  When the items were purchased new, the owner probably paid moves or installers to get the item in the house or on the property.  Now that it’s been years down the road, the owners don’t feel like paying someone else to come in and move them or uninstall.  They rather save that money and give the item for free to those willing to put the time in to haul it away.

What Do I Need?

In order for you to pick up the free items (mostly the large/heavy things), you’ll need a truck and at least one extra person with you.   If you have a pickup truck already then your already 1/2 way there.  Minivans or large vans can work too.  If you’re stuck with a small SUV or sedan, most likely you’re out of luck.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t rent a Uhaul truck or a home depot truck if you really wanted to pick up something.

Next, make sure you can get a friend or brother/sister that can help you haul.  Basically get someone you can bribe with some beer or lunch/dinner.  Don’t expect the previous owners to be helping you no matter how small.  One of the reasons why they are letting you take things from them free is because they don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Pro Tip!

There are certain items that owners are simply bonkers to be giving away.  These very highly valuable items are going to be in very high demand.  The owners will get hit with hundreds of emails so in these cases, don’t try to email them.  Stick with calling or texting.  You should tell the person you’re on your way and call when you’re ready to leave your house.  If you call and say you’ll be there hours later, there is a good chance the item is already gone.  Remember early bird gets the worm.  Do not assume that free items will be there whenever it’s convenient for you to show up.


Flipping Free Stuff on Craigslist is a great way to make extra money.   You never know what you might find and the best part is, there are new things being listed every day.  BTW Craigslist has many cities listed and if you’re not afraid of a little driving, it might be worth your time to check out the free listing section from other nearby cities.  After you get your item(s) make sure you clean it up and/or fix it and list them in your next yard garage sale.

Check out my other post about How to Have a Perfect Yard Sale for advice on how to maximize your profits now that you have all this free stuff to flip.

Good Luck!

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