Thrift Store Flipping
Thrifting is getting extremely popular these days and it’s no secret why especially if you’re a flipper.  For one there are plenty of thrift stores around.  That means within a day you can probably hit 5-10 stores within a 40 mile radius of where you live.  Second is within those stores, the inventory is constantly updated.  It’s like going on a treasure hunt every time you walk into a thrift store because you never know what you might find.   And third unlike a garage/estate sale where you might have to haggle your way to the best price, thrift stores already have a set low price.

So next time your thrifting, make sure you find the hidden treasures often missed from thrift stores.

Hidden Treasures #1: Tools with Lifetime Warranties

There are a ton of tools at every thrift store you go to but did you know that some Craftsman tools carry a lifetime warranty?  That’s right!  The ones under warranty can be over 20 years old and rusted through but Sears will still swap it out free of charge.  For a complete list of what has lifetime warranty and what doesn’t, check out the Craftsman’s warranty page.  After you replace the tool with a new replacement, keep it for yourself or flip it for a huge profit.

Hidden Treasures #2: New Clothing with Tags

Clothes with tags on it mean they are new and can be sold as new.  So whenever you see clothes with the tags on them, see if you recognize the brand and check prices on eBay.  If you can flip it for a profit great, if not they make great gifts for friends or family.

Hidden Treasures #3: Make Infant & Toddler clothing sets

A lot of mothers tend to take hand me downs or buy used clothes for their infants or toddlers simply because they know their little ones will outgrow their clothes very quickly.  Because of this a hot and profitable thing to do is to make infant or toddler clothing sets.  There are a ton of tops, sweaters, pants, skirts, etc… that can be found individually but not sold in sets.  If you have a eye for fashion, start putting things together and create clothing sets.  Then sell them on eBay, Etsy or Instagram for profit.

Hidden Treasures #4: Furniture Pieces

If your pretty handy and have some talent, you can make a killing from rehabbing or redecorating dated furniture pieces.  Most of the wood furniture pieces such as end tables, drawers, chairs can be sanded down, repainted and/or reupholstered into catchy new pieces that many are dying to buy.  And because these furniture are from the 60s, 70s and 80s they are made from solid wood and not the fake stuff you find from Ikea.  For some ideas, check out Pinterest.

Hidden Treasures #5: Art in Great Frames

Just like furniture pieces, you can find a ton of solid metal or wood frames that would make great decoration pieces if they were redone.  Ignore the bad art that might be in some of the frames, look at the frame itself.  With some sanding, staining, or spray painting,  you can turn old frames into masterpieces that can be used to hold mirrors or an updated artworks.

Hidden Treasures #6: Signed books

It’s no secret that every thrift stores has a ton of books and usually the first editions or really old ones are already filtered out but did you know a ton of the books are actually signed?  The hired inspectors that have the duty of checking out products do not have the time to flip inside books to check for signatures.  Therefore a lot of signed books are missed and out on the shelves.  It’s a pain but if you spent some time flipping inside books you find on the shelves, you might be pleasantly surprised to find some of them signed and worth flipping.  Make sure to check out BookScouter if you’re looking to sell books.

In Conclusion

Thrift store flipping to me is one of those enjoyable things you do when you have nothing do all day and you simply want to both relax and have some fun.  Map out all the locations you plan on hitting that day and you go to town!  Finding hidden treasures often missed from thrift stores might be hard to find but they’ll end up being some of your most rewarding finds.
Want more tips on what to look for?  Take a look at Thrift Store Hunt – 5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss.

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