5 Items You Can Resell From Dollar Stores


5 items you can resell from Dollar Stores

Need that extra dollar?  Yes, as incredible as it sounds, you can make a profit selling items from dollars stores.  Dollar stores like Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree all carry items of great resale value if you know when to buy, where to look, and how to stack coupons and rebates.  Here are 5 items you can resell from dollar stores.

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5 Items You Can Resell From Dollar Stores

Seasonal Items

items you can resell from dollar stores

During the off-season, you can buy bottles of aloe gel and sunscreen from some major brands for a buck each.  These normally sell anywhere from $5-10 dollars.  As long as the expiration dates aren’t expired by next summer, you’re good to stock up for yourself or to sell when spring rolls around.

Other off-season items such as decorations and costumes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are vastly discounted as well.  This is especially so after the holidays have passed.  Stock up and sell for huge profit when next year’s holidays rolls around.

**Bonus** If you live near beaches or vacation hot spots, you can sell locally to tourists.

**Example** Here is a bulk purchase (Max Block After Sun Soothing Gel) from Dollar Tree that prices each bottle for $1 dollar.  Here is an example of a seller on Amazon selling bottles for $6.99.

Discontinued Items

items you can resell from dollar stores

Watch for discontinued items.  You might find soap, shampoo or body wash in a scent that has been discontinued. Chances are, someone out there loves that scent and will buy it from you because it is their favorite and they can’t find it anymore.

Also look out for cosmetics.  Dollar stores usually carry brands like MaybellineMilani, Soft Lips, and Wet ‘n Wild.  Some of them are closeout products that had packaging changes or have simply been discontinued.   Loyal people who can’t find them on drugstore shelves or retail stores might be trying to stock up.  Cosmetics are a huge money make on eBay and Amazon.

**Bonus** Sometimes you can find manufacturer coupons that you can use on shampoo or cosmetics.  If so sometimes you can get the item for free!

**Example**  I linked MaybellineMilani, Soft Lips, and Wet ‘n Wild to Amazon to demonstrate the potential profit of each product.  As you can see, they range anywhere from a few dollars up to $15 dollars.  They can be found at dollar stores for $1 dollar!

Book Sets

items you can resell from dollar stores

There are a lot of great bestseller books in both hardback and paperback at dollar stores.  You won’t make much trying to resell them individually but if you piece together to form a complete set (ie. Divergent, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc…) you can net a good profit.  If you can get them signed even better!  You can also put sets of books together that are from the same genre or author.  Be creative.

**Bonus** I highly recommend using BookScouter.com to check prices of books.  They check out almost 20 different sites for bids.  They are to used books as Truvago is for checking hotel prices.


items you can resell from dollar stores

For people who can’t let go of the past, they are always looking for movies or music from their childhood.  Many of those movies or DVDs still sell for $10-20 dollars from Amazon or Best Buy.  Luckily for you, you can find some of those classic DVDs and CDs from dollar stores.  They usually sell for $2-3 bucks each.

There are some video games from older systems that are worth a lot.  Games for Nintendo GameCube/Wii, PS2/PS3, Xbox can be found at dollar stores that can be sold for $10-50 dollars online.   This is a huge profit considering they are being sold between $1.00-$3 dollars.

**Bonus** Use Amazon Trade-In to get the best trade-in value for your video games.  Amazon also takes trade-ins on video game consoles, tablets, phones and more.

Party Supplies

items you can resell from dollar stores

Cards, balloons, gift bags, tableware, cups, candles can all be found at dollar stores.  They aren’t worth much separate but if you piece them together for certain occasions or themes, they can be sold for much more.   For example, you can piece together a Marvel/Disney birthday theme or boy/girl theme for baby showers.  It might take some time to gather everything you need but you can sell the set for a decent profit.  Take a look at these high-quality Disney and Marvel cups sold in bulk at DollarTree.  Each cup is only for a dollar.

**Bonus** Different stores carry different designs, logos, colors, etc… Shop around if you want to complete sets faster.

**Example 1** Take a look at this Amazon seller selling a Marvel Avengers birthday set.  You can easily place together with the same thing with different plates, cups, and napkins that you piece together from different dollar stores at a fraction of the cost.

**Example 2** Another Amazon seller selling a girl themed baby shower set.  You can literally piece something together for a lot less cost and have more pieces.

Bulk Purchases

DollarTree sell’s dollar products in bulk on their website (Remember there is a cash back rebate waiting for you on EBates).  Bulk pricing are calculated based on how many items are in a case.  Bulk purchases are awesome for home decor or party items.  Here is an example of clearance vases that would be great if your selling craft items or home decor items that you can sell on Etsy.  

Examples above with the birthday sets are much easier when you can buy cups and plates in bulk.  Be creative and check eBay and Amazon often for items you can sell invidiously or in bundles.  

In Conclusion

As insane as it may sound, you can flip dollar items from Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Dollar General.  You just have to know where to look and where to sell them!  

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