Lego Better Investment Than Gold, Bonds and Stocks


Lego Better Investment Than Gold, Bonds and Stocks

Could you image that a kid’s toy can yield a better return than Gold, Bonds and Stocks?  It’s hard to believe but it can be true.  Legos have always been made to inspire creativity among kids.  However once the kids grew up, Legos became an afterthought.

Lego recognized the problem and changed their tune about a decade ago.  They came out with sets that are more expensive, more exclusive and more detailed…in hopes of luring in adults.  And the strategy worked.  Vintage and retired sets go for 2-10x more than their original value and some sell for thousands on eBay now.  And because of the rising prices, Lego can be a better investment than Gold, Bonds and Stocks.

This article is different because much of the material is in the video I’ve created for my new Lego channel.  But it is a great follow up to the previous article Selling Bulk Legos and Retired Sets For MASSIVE Profit.

I’ve received emails and comments about getting more help with Legos and how to flip them for more profit.  So if you’re interested, definitely watch the video below.

And if your a Lego fan and would love to see videos about them, make sure you subscribe to the channel by clicking here.

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