Resell Anything From Dollar Stores With These Two Tricks

If you enjoyed my last article 5 Items You Can Resell From Dollar Stores, you aren’t alone!  That article has skyrocketed to number one on Google for many popular searches revolving around “dollar store flips” or “reselling dollar store items”.   Although i’m not getting millions of views a day from it, it’s nice to know that the niche play of reselling dollar store items is catching on.  This article is a little bit different, I want to go over some basic tips and show you how to literally resell anything from dollar stores with these two tricks.

General Tips

Before we get to the secret tips, make sure you follow these 3 general tips on how to maximize profits.

Price Check. Unless you’ve been in the game for a long time, your best bet is to price check the item you want to buy first before buying.  Pull our your phone and be sure to check eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon, etc… But beware that certain antiques can be hard to price check due to their rarity and also prices of seasonal items change greatly depending on the season.   Certain bundled sets can be hard to look up so be creative with your searches. For books, definitely use BookScouter to check for pricing.

Use Coupons. Just because you are shopping at a dollar store, it does not mean they don’t have coupons you can’t take advantage of.  Make sure you check their local ads, website and email listing to maximize your savings.  Also don’t forget about manufacture coupons that can also be used at dollar stores.  Many times they can be stacked for substantial savings. CouponSurfer and are a few sites that offer great coupons.

Consider Other Costs. Depending on how you plan on selling your item, consider other costs such as listing fees and shipping fees.  They eat into your profits and you want to make sure there is still enough in it for you afterwards.  If you want to cut down on fees and shipping, try selling locally with your own garage sales or on Craigslist.

Secret Tips

You might be wondering how one can resell and more importantly profit from sub $10 dollar items?

Timing. This plays into supply and demand and there are two ways to play this.  One is profit based on lack of supply.  That means with items that are no longer available or soon discontinued.  Let me give you some examples.  A lot of the items being sold at dollar stores are close-out and discontinued items and these can include fragrances, shampoo, books, puzzles, toys and even certain types of food.  Because of this, you can do a little research and see what is worth stocking up.

Women are particularly choosy when it comes to certain fragrances and shampoos, so if a certain brand is being discontinued you’ll want to stock up.  The price might double or triple within a matter of a few months.  Same goes with certain books, puzzles and toys.  There are always limited edition, special releases and certain series out there people are looking to get.  Once they are gone they are hard to come by so if you happen to come across something that you know people will want now or down the road, grab it.

Now food items don’t come very often but here is a good example.  When Hostess announced that Twinkies were going to be discontinued, people flocked to all the stores and bought whatever they could.  Dollar boxes were selling for upwards of $100 dollars!

I started by say there are two ways to play the timing game.  First is to profit based on lack of supply, second is to profit based on increased demand.  This usually involves seasonal items for Halloween, Christmas and Forth of July.  The great thing is you can easily plan for the seasons and holidays and repeat every year.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know there isn’t much demand for pumpkin decorations in the summer nor any demand for lawn chairs in the dead of winter.  So take advantage of the off-seasons to stock up on cheap items that fetch 10x the price just a few months later.

Bundling. Everywhere you look, you see bundling.  Insurance can be bundled, your home tv/internet can be bundled, your books are bundled into series and so are movies.  People love to be part of something and you can use that to your advantage.  Party decorations, Christmas sets, book sets, puzzle sets and much more can all be bundled into one for maximum profit.  Let me go over some examples.

Marvel comic book characters are very hot these days with the kids.  For party decorations, you are able to bundle say a posters of X-men, table cloth of Wolverine, napkins of the Avengers and cups of Deadpool.  Each item is bought separate but when you bundle it together and sell it as an “Ultimate Marvel Birthday Party Decoration Set,” you are going to reap the rewards.  You can do the same thing with Disney characters, Star Wars, Cars, the ideas are endless.  You will earn 2-4x more than what you put in.

If you take a look on eBay and Etsy, you’ll see certain sets sell more than the individual parts.  These sets can be books, puzzles, cups, magazines and these can all be pieced together separately and over time.  Sports memorabilia is one example.  For huge Blackhawks fans, you can bundle multiple magazines from the years they won the Stanley Cup together as a bundled set.  You can do this just for individual players as well.  I’ve seen people sell bundled sets of Michael Jordan magazines, books, sports cards, etc… for thousands.  There is no reason why you couldn’t pick up some of these things from dollar stores.

Besides sport memorabilia, there are endless other things you can bundle together.  You can bundle puzzles of varying difficulty for kids.  Parents are always looking for good gifts for their loved ones who seem to age within a blink of an eye.  You can bundle books of a certain author or series together for book lovers.  You can bundle phone accessories together as well for teens.  I’ve seen phone cases bundled with stickers and some even with selfie sticks.

In Conclusion

Now that your at the end of this article, I hope you’ll agree with me that you can literally resell anything from dollar stores with these two tricks you’ve read above.  With the right timing and bundling, your options are endless and there are no limitations.  And with what you’ve learned above, there is no saying you have to limit your purchases from dollar stores only.  You can mix and match your purchases from multiple sources.  Remember to follow the three general tips to maximize your profits as well.  Good luck and have fun!

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