What to Buy at Garage Sales to Resell


Do you get excited seeing a new garage sale sign being put up on your street corner?  Do you have an uncontrollable urge to pull over to every garage sale you pass by?  Does the thrill of finding potential treasures excite you?  If you answered yes to any of those questions or if your simply a casual shopper, let me show you one of the best ways to find things to flip for huge profits. Garage sale hosts are usually more about getting rid of “junk” and less about making money and that’s how you take advantage.  Let me show you What To Buy At Garage Sales to Resell!

Disney DVDs

Disney DVDs
Can you spot the Disney ones?

These days old DVDs really hold no resell value with the exception of Disney DVDs.   Someone within Disney made the decision years ago to put movies into a “vault” and no purchases (physical or digital) can be made within seven years.   It’s a brilliant move and because of it demand for those “vaulted” movies is extremely high.  You can take advantage of the situation by reselling during those seven years at a much higher price.

Look for Disney DVDs that are generally in good shape.  Make sure the disk is not too scratched up and the existing cover is still in place.  Selling on eBay usually results in the highest profit for rare Disney DVDs.


DIY Furniture
What a difference a layer of paint and new knobs can make!

This requires you to be a little handy but you’ll be surprised what a coat of print and some new knobs can do.  Wooden dressers, night stands and even things like lamps, vases and even mason jars can be transformed into works of art.  You can fetch hundreds of profit for a redone dresser to the right person.

Check out my Pinterest page to gather ideas and learn from what others have done.   And when it comes time to resell, try a local flee market or Etsy.


used books
Look for first editions and author signatures

Most garage sale hosts are trying to dump their books simply because they are trying to make room and that’s how you can take advantage.  Many times you see boxes of books for sale marked $.25 – $1.00.  Rather than try to figure out how much each book would net you, make a deal with the host.  Offer to buy the whole box of books for a buck or two.  This works extremely well towards the end of the day when they are about done.

This is a hit or a miss although more often than not, you come out on top.   Even if you don’t find any valuable books to resell, you can flip the whole box again at your own garage sale or donate them and get tax deduction at the end of the year.

BookScouter is by far the easiest way to find value of books.  Load it up and then enter the book’s ISBN number (right next to the UPC) and it’ll do its magic.  BookScouter will get you bids from 18 different book buyers.  They will take care of the shipping to in case you do decide to sell.


Assorted Legos
Assorted Legos

Legos are always in demand and really haven’t changed over the years with the exception of sets.  Legos sets are always in demand so be sure to look out for complete sets of Lego anything.  Lego Star War sets go for big bucks so be on the look out.  Legos can also be sold like gold because the going rate for 1 lb of mix Lego blocks goes for $15 dollars on eBay!  

If you see boxes of unassembled Legos, always negotiate with the hosts due to the possibility of missing pieces.  And in those cases were they are, sell them by the lb.  But if they are whole or if the set is already assembled, offer a little more but give yourself enough wiggle room to profit from.  


American Girl Dolls
American Girl Dolls

Dolls can be a lucrative business, especially the ones from the 80s and 90s.  Most hosts will sell dolls for practically nothing because they don’t realize their value. You want to watch out for doll brands like Corolle, American Girl and Groovy Girls.  Besides the dolls from the 80s and 90s, you do see vintage dolls being sold too.  You’ll want to have your eBay app ready on your phone to check prices.    

Brand-Name Clothing and Shoes

brand name clothes
Brand name clothes might be hidden

The reselling market for clothes and shoes is huge, we are talking about in the billions.  Although normally it takes a special eye to be able to identify clothes that can be resold, there are general tells that you can look for right away.  For example clothes or shoes with tags on them are definitely worth looking at especially if they are brand names.  Kids clothes are also worth looking at since they can be paired to make sets.  Purses are always hot (but beware of fakes) and mens shoes like Jordans regardless if they are replicas or not are worth a lot of money.  

Take a look at my article 5 Ways to Resell Clothes for Profit to learn how to resell used clothes.  

Video Game Systems or Games

video games

You see this a lot at garage sales, old PS2, Xboxs, Nintendos, Segas and sometimes even Atari consoles and games being sold.  Sometimes you find them with a lot of accessories and sometimes they are missing them.  If the host is not willing to allow you to test the console, make sure you negotiate as much as you can in case you risk buying something broken.  As for games especially cartridge ones are usually good.  DVD or Bluray ones, make sure you check if the disks are scratched up.  

For unknown reasons, there are certain games that are worth a ton and they don’t even have to be that old.  Use Amazon Trade-In to check pricing and to get the best trade-in value for your video games.  

In Conclusion

Hopefully after reading What To Buy At Garage Sales to Resell, you’ll know exactly what to look for next time you spot a sign nearby.  Garage sales can be hits or misses and sometimes it takes patience to find what you are looking for.  But if your the type that has nothing to do anyways during weekends then its a win win situation regardless.  Good luck!

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  1. I just started flipping used goods last week after seeing Gary Vee’s 2017 Flip Challenge. And I’m looking to make it a full-time work-from-home job! Loving it so far.

    Great blog post!

    1. How is it going Bo, considering doing this myself. Being disabled I can see doing this when I am up to it vs. not being able to work a job anymore.

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