5 Hidden Gems You Don’t Want to Miss


5 hidden gems you don't want to miss

These 5 hidden gems are things you see often but never thought twice about flipping.  You can usually find these hidden gems at garage and yard sales but sometimes you can also find them at thrift stores and flee markets.  So next time you’re out hunting for treasure, make sure to look for these 5 hidden gems you don’t want to miss.

Disney VHS Movies

Disney vhs movies

What to look for:  Almost every garage and yard sale has a box of movies for sale.  Take a look and see if there are any Disney VHS movies.  Sometimes you see these are thrift stores as well.

What to pay: Pay between $.50-$1.00 for each good condition VHS movie with good condition covers.  Skip the ones that are missing covers.

How to flip it:  Sell on eBay.  Disney VHS movies are now collectibles and go from $15-$20 dollars each.   Sealed movies can have an extremely high resale value and can sell anywhere from $40-$200 dollars each.

Fisher Price Power Wheels

Fisher Price Power Wheels

What to look for:  You see these all the time at flee markets and garage sales and sometimes at thrift stores.  These mini cars, trucks, atvs, are great fun for kids 3-10.  There is even a market to modify these things!  Make sure to double check that the battery still holds a charge and the power wheel drives.

What to pay: Pay between $10-$20 dollars for working ones that have good batteries.  Make sure they come with the battery charger.  Skip one the ones without a battery since they are costly to replace.

How to flip it:  Sell locally on Craigslist.  These are too big for shipping.  Used good condition power wheels goes anywhere from $40-60 dollars.

Vintage Pyrex Bowls

Vintage Pyrex Bowls

What to look for:  When you see a pile of old/dated bowls, take a look at the bottom and see if you see a Pyrex stamp.  Not a sticker or ink but actual stamp within the ceramic.  Pyrex bowls were stamped between the 1920s and 70s, the older the more valuable.These are often found at garage sales, thrift stores and flee markets.

What to pay: Pay between $1-$2 dollars each depending on size and set.  Nested sets go for more money than individual pieces.  Only pick up bowls that are in perfect condition meaning no chips, cracks and the designs are in good and viewable.

How to flip it:  Sell on Etsy or eBay.  Nested bowl sets go upwards of $40-50 dollars while individual pieces go from $5-20 depending on the size.

Old Video Game Systems

Video game systems

What to look for:  Look for complete NES/SNES, Atari, Gameboys, Sega Genesis systems at garage sales.  Only go for systems sold with power cords, video cables, and controllers.  Games are bonuses.

What to pay: Pay between $5-10 dollars for the systems and haggle as much as possible to have games included.  If there are a lot of games the seller has, $.50 cent a game is usually fair (paying $10 dollars for 20 games).

How to flip it:  These vintage video game systems are rare and collectible these days.  Complete game systems go anywhere from $40-$100 dollars.  Some games alone goes from $5-$50 dollars.   Sell on eBay.

Craftsman Hand Tools

What to look for:  When you see a pile of hand tools (Hammers, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, etc…) or tool box full of tools, look for the “craftsman” stamp on hand tools.  No matter how rusty, old or broken they are, they carry a lifetime warranty from Sears.  Just bring into a Sears store for replacement.  No receipt necessary.

What to pay: Between $1-3 dollars each.  The more you buy, the more you haggle down.  Some previous owners might be attached to their tools and won’t budge on their high price.  Move on from those owners.

How to flip it:  After purchasing, immediately bring them to a Sears store and have the tools replaced under lifetime warranty.  Then list on eBay where they will sell anywhere between $10-30 dollars.

In Conclusion

These 5 hidden gems you don’t want to miss will definitely net you a healthy profit on each item you buy.  You will find these often but you have to make sure you buy them for the right amount, so make sure you negotiate well.  Good luck.


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