5 Items You Can Easily Flip For Profit


5 items you can easily flip for profit

If you are looking for a side-hustle that guarantees a quick profit, then flipping stuff is the way to go. Not only is it a way to earn some easy cash, but It’s also an incredibly fun way of making money. Basically, all you have to do is to find a product to sell, buy it for cheap and then quickly sell/flip it for a quick profit.

Before the advent of the internet, flipping was done physically. In the digital age, flipping occurs almost always on the internet. Today you can buy and sell products online with just a few taps of your finger. You can easily find cheap products online and then sell them for profit. You can also find products from garage sales or dollar stores and then flip them online to earn a quick buck.

In this article, I’ll be going through a list of 5 items that are almost too easy to flip, and earn a quick profit. All of these items are proven to be exceptionally favorable when it comes to flipping. These items have always been in high demand, so you won’t have any trouble flipping them.

Smartphones and Computers

I know what you must be thinking right now, smartphones, computers, and all tech-related products suffer massive devaluation the moment we unpack them. So how can I claim that these products can easily be flipped for profit? Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is it possible but it’s highly profitable.

items to flip

Think about it, companies like Apple and Samsung have become part of our pop culture. As such, there is a huge market for their older phones and computers. Apple specifically has become a cultural phenomenon, as people rush to buy anything with the iconic logo on it. Similarly, many people sell their old phones and PCs when they want to upgrade and they usually sell for very cheap which makes it an excellent opportunity for buyers.

You can easily go online and buy old phones from eBay and then quickly flip them for profit, as one thing’s for sure, there will always be a steady demand. Because not all people can afford the brand new Apple flagship device, but they’ll definitely settle for an older and much cheaper model, and here lies the opportunity and market to sell to.

items to flip

There are numerous online platforms that you can use for buying and selling phones and PCs. These include Craigslist, eBay, and Swappa. The great thing about Swappa is that you can use it to find the current market rates of your products.

Sports Cards and Memorabilia

One of the booming industries of the past year has been the sports card trade. No matter which we look at it, Sportscards are well and truly back. This classic trend from the 80s promises a lot more potential in 2021, as many people are heavily investing in sports cards. Flipping sports cards and other sports memorabilia can be an easy and profitable side hustle for you.


One thing that we have today that wasn’t there in the 80s is the internet. Today you can buy and sell sports cards from the comfort of your home, click here to find out how.

sports memorabilia

Jerseys, vintage hats and shirts, autographed sports items, championship rings, and even bobbleheads are other sports memorabilia that can be flipped easily. All of these items can easily make you a quick buck, as there are many sports enthusiasts and collectors who’d pay top dollar for this stuff.


Another item that you can easily flip for a handsome profit is furniture. New furniture is quite expensive and most people tend to go for secondhand furniture that can be refinished and repurposed. Therefore there is a great potential market here for making quick and easy flips.

flip furniture

Every day several people want to get rid of their old furniture. If you go and take a look at Craigslist’s ‘Free’ section, you’ll find a ton of stuff that you can get for free. The only obstacle here is shipping, but other than that, it won’t cost you a penny. Say for example you get a chair for free on Craigslist, you sell it on eBay for 10 or 15 bucks, and Voila! Easy Money all day long.

Vintage Video Games and Consoles

Nostalgia is an important factor when it comes to people buying things, and what could be more nostalgic than that first Atari your father bought you on which you and your brother played games all day long. Recent years have seen a rise in the demand for vintage videogames and consoles. Many people would pay top dollar to get their hands on an old video game that they used to play.

flip consoles

Videogame consoles are also a highly desirable collector’s item, and many collectors would love to own these vintage consoles. It goes without saying that this is a market with huge potential and sentimental value as well, which makes it an awesome opportunity to cash in by flipping old videogames and consoles.


Cars and Other Vehicles

If you’re mechanically-inclined or a motorhead who loves everything about cars, then you can start flipping them as well. Driving a car for the very first time is an amazing feeling, what is even more amazing is the feeling of flipping your very first car for a profit.


Flipping cars can be an awesome side-hustle for those who know the art of negotiation and have an eye for finding low priced cars. It is however the venture that requires the most capital, as you’ll need a decent amount of cash to buy your first car, but other than that the principle is simple, just buy low and sell high.


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