7 Simplest Ways To Earn Extra Income Online


7 Simplest Ways To Earn Extra Income Online

Are you strapped for cash or just want a bit of a financial boost? The good news is anyone can make money online, and it’s really easy.  Here are 7 Simplest Ways To Earn Extra Income Online which require very little qualifications or experience.

Start Freelance Writing

Anyone can try their hand at writing, to quickly and easy make some extra cash. It doesn’t get much simpler than putting one word in front of the other. Just type “freelance writing” into Google, and a magnitude of options will pop up.

Some of the best writing sites are large freelance platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer. These sites allow anyone to set up a profile and start applying for writing jobs immediately. Of course, they are not the only options. Don’t forget about online job boards or even cold pitching directly to clients.

Pay is generally low, to begin with, but once novice writers have some decent samples to show prospective clients, then the potential earnings can increase.

Fill Out Surveys

Many companies are interested in the opinions of their customers and are willing to pay. That’s why you will find an astounding amount of sites where you can fill out surveys for cash.

One of the most well-known survey sites is Survey Junkie. However, there are hundreds more. Simply sign up for a range of sites and see what they have available.

Just remember, surveys are directed toward a specific demographic. When registering with a survey site, you will need to fill in a lot of personal information about yourself. Depending on your age, profession, and where you live you may be invited to complete a lot of surveys or only a few. This is further reason to sign up for multiple sites.

Teach English

English is the international language, and millions of people want to learn it. The biggest online ESL market is China, and you will find a range of sites connecting teachers with Chinese students.

Now teaching English may sound demanding but it is actually very simple. Students only want to practice conversations and pronunciation with someone who is a native English speaker. Most classes will simply involve having a chat with students via Skype or a similar program. You will be required to teach them the pronunciation of new words and organize some other speaking activities.

If English is your first language, then you can expect to be paid from $10-$15USD per hour. There are also opportunities for non-native speakers, as long as their English ability is exceptional.

Consider applying with major companies such as Italki or TutorABC.

Buy Bitcoin

Forget stocks, buying Bitcoin is on the rise due it’s 10,000% growth in 2017.  Sounds complicated, however, anyone can do it.  There are plenty of online resources to help beginners learn about Bitcoin.

It’s important to only start with small amounts of money. Don’t invest anything that you can’t afford to use. You can also minimize risk through diversification as well with different types of cryptocurrency.  Experts say buying Bitcoin is the fastest and easiest way to build life-changing wealth over the next 5-10 years.  

Sell Stuff Online

One person’s junk may be another’s treasure, so consider selling items that you no longer need. Unused books, CDS, and video games are a good place to start. There are just so many things you can sell for money, so use your imagination or simply browse Flipping Income!  Also, if you haven’t used an item for a year or more, then it is probably time to get rid of it.

Here is a good guide to start with:  How To Buy and Sell Anything Online For A Profit

Become A Shutterstock Contributor

Do you have a keen eye for photography? If so, you may want to consider uploading your work to Shutterstock. This platform is extremely popular for those that require photos for their websites and articles. By contributing to it, you will be paid a small sum everytime someone downloads one of your images.

Publish A Booklet On Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle platform allows just about anyone to publish their own works. Now, unless you’re already a fully-fledged writer, then we recommend starting off small. Notice how we said booklet rather than book. Short texts of 10,000-15,000 words can be sold for a few dollars. They won’t take long to write, and you can start earning a passive income once they are published.

You could write a travel guide to your local city or a guide to your favorite sport/hobby. The options are endless. Just pick a topic that you already know about to make the writing easier.  Check Amazon to see what other people have written.  

Final Thoughts

Even if you have never made money online before, it can’t hurt to give it a go. These methods will allow you to pocket some extra cash and could even develop into a part-time income. The longer you hesitate, the more money you’re leaving on the table, so get started today. 


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