12 Cool & Weird Things Being Sold On Etsy


12 Etsy

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace catering to people who love making unique homemade pieces.  Over 60 million members sell their custom art, clothing, jewelry, food, bath & beauty products, toys and more each and every day.  After spending a few day looking over random things, I’ve concluded that what’s considered cool or weird really depends on the eye of the beholder.  So take a look at the 12 cool & weird things being sold on Etsy and decide for yourself.

Chicken Sweaters

Got a pet chicken that you want to keep warm or simply stand out from the crowd?  Take a look at some of these custom designed sweaters that will surely make your chicken the cock of the walk.

chicken sweater

Game of Thrones Outfits

Are you into Game of Thrones?  Ever wish you can hit the town in some dress or jewelry you’ve seen on the show?  Now you can!


Poop Soap

Love washing your hands and fascinated with poop?  Then your in luck, wash your hands with poop soap!  Dry, soggy or vegan.


Patterned Paint Rollers

Find rollers with custom designs that you simply can’t find at Home Depot or Menards.


Chair Leg Covers

Do you fear that your chair gets cold feet?  Buy a set of leg covers and make sure those cold hardwood floors won’t bother your chairs again.


Wolverine Claws

Wish you had adamantium claws just like wolverine because that would be so cool?  Try these on.


Pallet Furniture

Got stacks of pallets laying around and you’re looking for ideas on what to do with them?  Or are you simply looking for unique pieces for your home?  Take a look at what’s available.


Cat Ears

If you’re Ariana Grande or your inner cat desire simply can’t be contained, then look for cat ears to proudly display on top of your head.


Nic Cage

Enough said.


Latex Masks

Want to scare the living s*** out of someone?  Then definitely check out these realistic latex masks for sale.


Zombie Gnomes

Tired of boring garden gnomes that everyone has out in their yard?  Stand out from the crowd and display a zombie gnome instead.


Industrial Pipes

Ever wonder what people do with the worn and rusted pipes you see in old buildings and/or warehouses?  Now you know.



So did you decide on which of these 12 items are cool or weird?  Maybe they are all to your liking? 🙂 This is just a small sample of what’s out there on Etsy and of course there are a lot more “normal” things as well.  My past article 3 Things that Fetch an Insane Price on Etsy covered some of those normal things.  This post was meant to not only entertain but to also stir up some creative juices within you on what can sell on Etsy.  The sky is the limit.  Good luck!


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