Coupon Stacking For More Profit


Coupon Stacking for More Profit

How to stack coupons together is an advanced strategy among online flippers but recently with the introduction of new sites and apps, it is something all flippers can now utilize.  If you’re not aware of stacking, it is basically a way for you to apply multiple coupons and/or discounts to a single item.  Since there are only so many ways to increase profit margin, reducing your purchase cost with coupons, cash back rebates and discounts are essential.  So before you throw away all of your coupons, learn how coupon stacking for more profit can help you.


Reselling Price – Purchase Price – Shipping/Fees = Profit.  There is no way around how profit is calculated so there are basically three things you can do to increase profit.  First is to increase your reselling price.  Second is to decrease purchase price.  Third is to decrease shipping/fees.  Coupon Stacking for More Profit is all about decreasing the purchase price.

In addition to store discounts, clearance prices, gift card promotions or even price mistakes, there are always possibilities of decreasing the purchase price lower with coupons.  Sometimes these coupons are from the store which they can deny you from using (although enough bitching to the store manager usually gets around this) but other coupons such as manufacturer ones cannot be turned down.  Manufacturer coupons are usually rebated back to the retail store by the manufacturer so there is no reason why a retail store will refuse them besides if they were expired.

Ok so now that you know how important manufacturer coupons are to More Profit, where do you get them?


Raise your hand if you love the USPS Postal Service?  I’m guessing you didn’t raise your hand but that’s probably because you’ve never asked for a Change of Address or Moving packet before.   Besides getting a form to forward your address (which you don’t have to fill out if that’s what your thinking), you get a whole bunch of exclusive coupons you can’t get anywhere else!!!  When was the last time you remember getting a Target, Best Buy, Lowes or Home Depot 10% off coupon EVER?  Well with the packet you get from USPS, you get them and a whole bunch more!  You can get them either in person at any USPS post office or do it online and print out your coupons.

Warning if you do it online, you have to actually submit your change.  You can cancel it afterward but if you don’t want to go thru the hassle, I suggest you to just get the packet in person.

USPS Movers Packet Coupons
USPS Change of Address/Movers Packet Coupons
USPS Change of Address Online Coupons
USPS Change of Address Online Coupons


A hidden gem of a webpage/app that not many people know about is Ibotta.  Ibotta offers a ton of manufacture coupons that includes mostly food(great for dollar stores and Aldi) but also nursery items, household items, and retail store gift cards.  The only catch is that you have to answer a very short one question survey question for each item that you want a coupon for, that’s it!  It is totally free with zero catch.

For a limited time, Ibotta is offering $10 dollars to you free just for signing up.  Sign up here.  

Once you’re in, Ibotta’s location tracker will find where you are and pull up all the offers available to you under Browse Rebates.  Click on what you are interested in, take a one question survey and you got the coupon.  It literally takes 1 sec.

Ibotta Selection Part 1
Ibotta Selection Part 1
Ibotta Selection Part 2
Ibotta Selection Part 2

Coupon Sites

There are tons of sites out there that have nothing but coupons for you to download!  Are you aware of how much potential savings just for day-to-day stuff and how much profit you’ve been missing out on things you can flip?   All you have to do is clip them and either use them online or print them out to be used in person.   The best and biggest site for coupons is  I’ve attached this nice widget for you to browse and clip.

Cash Rebate Sites

Besides coupon sites, there is also a cash rebate site that requires no coupons whatsoever!  It’s called EBates and all you have to do is click thru their links before you make a purchase at a featured store and you earn a rebate back.  The rebate earned is cash and there are no limitations on how much you need to earn before redeeming it.  A lot of name brands are participating which includes Norstrom, Macys, Kohls, Walmart, Target, PetCo, Disney, Best Buy and much more.

To get started, create an account and then click thru their links.  Each site tells you exactly how much you are getting rebated back.   If you want more info, check out my EBates page.

EBates is featuring a free $10 dollar promotion for new members.  Sign up here.


General Tip and In Conclusion

Remember that coupon stacking works on top of other ways of reducing the total purchase price.  For example, Amazon & Target’s credit cards get you 5% off all purchases.  That 5% is discounted off the total price and do not excludes coupons in any way.   Promotions on gift cards also do not exclude coupons as well.  A lot of stores might offer promotions such as “purchase $90 dollar gift card and get $10 dollars free.”  If it’s a store you shop often, it is worth it for you to put that money in up front.  Not only are you getting 10% free, you can coupon stack on top of that for greater savings!

Lastly, store coupons do not exclude manufacturer coupons as well.  For example, if Dollar Tree has a store coupon for $.25 cent off a shampoo, you can still use the manufacture’s coupon to discount it further.  And if you are buying online, always check for rebates first before purchasing.  The rebates from EBates do not have any restriction whatever on any of the other discount methods.

Good luck!


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