Guest Posting and Advertising with Flipping Income

Founded in 2016,   Flipping Income is focused on educating the masses about making a profit through ‘Flipping’ and ways to save money with exclusive how-to articles.

With over 10,000 Email Subscribers, 4000 Social Media Followers and 70,000 monthly pageviews from a very targeted audience (flippers, extra income seekers, penny pinchers, couponers, thrifters), Flipping Income is a natural fit for guest posts from bloggers or advertisement from companies within the space.

Guest Posting

If you are an aspiring blogger or writer that wants to share a topic of interest to Flipping Income, here are the guidelines:

  1. The article must be related to ‘Flipping’ something for profit or saving money in some capacity.   If you are looking for ideas, browse FlippingIncome for inspiration.
  2. The article must be between 500-1500 words.  And the article must be written blog style and not news like.  In other words, it must be entertaining and fun to read.  Not like reading an editorial.
  3. The article must include an eye-catching title picture (1102×735) and at least 1-2 pictures within the article.  I recommend using Canva to create a title picture.

If your article meets those three requirements and is approved, the last thing required is a fee of $50 dollars to have the article posted.  After posting, the article will stay up on Flipping Income indefinitely and will be shared to all of the subscribers, followers, and readers of Flipping Income.

If you are interested, please email to get started.


If you are a company, website or some other project that is looking for advertising options, Flipping Income can help.

  1. Sponsored Posts can be listed for a fee of $100.  The article must be related to ‘Flipping’ or saving money.  No gambling related articles or articles about other topics that don’t fit the niche of Flipping Income.  These posts will stay up indefinitely and all included links are do-follow.
  2. Banners are available on the front page, sidebar and bottom bar.   Size, length and price vary.

If you are interested, please email to get started.

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