Holiday DIYs You Can Flip


Can you believe it’s already November?

I seriously can’t!

It feels like just yesterday it was a heat filled mid-July day with the sound of lawnmowers revving up. Now Christmas music has started appearing on every radio station. The holidays are coming quickly this year as they do every year it seems. I’ve heard from many people that gifts will mostly be purchased from small businesses for a number of reasons. 

This is a perfect opportunity if you are crafty and wanting to make some extra cash to take advantage of the holiday season! 

Get your gift wrap and craft gear ready because here are some holiday DIYs you can flip!


1.Eucalyptus Wreaths

One of the biggest reasons people love the holiday season is that they can decorate their humble abode with some holly jolly cheer. Here is a fun and sophisticated wreath DIY that honestly could be put up year-round!

Source and Tutorial: In Honor of Design Easy Eucalyptus Wreaths

Where to sell finished DIY:

Sell on Etsy!

2.Snowy Mason Jars

Snow designs can add a wonderful holiday charm to almost any room in the house. Obviously faux snow, not the snow that the kids track in with their boots. Here’s a fun DIY especially if you have a farmhouse-style home vibe.

Source and Tutorial: A Pumpkin and A Princess Snowy Mason Jar

Where to sell finished DIY:

Sell on Etsy!

3.Mason Jar Snow Globe

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Omg, y’all have an obsession with mason jars”. Yes yes I do in fact and you can do so many awesome things with them I promise! This one is honestly one of my favorites! Disclaimer: This DIY does not use water or liquid of any kind so it’s technically not a basic snow globe but still fun and super cute!

Source and Tutorial: Mason Jar Snow Globes Vintage Cars and Trucks

Where to sell finished DIY:

Sell on Etsy!

4.Popsicle Stick Sled 

Handmade Christmas ornaments in my opinion are always the most magical and keepsake ornaments that everyone loves. My parents still even have the horribly drawn snowman ornament I made in 3rd grade and still hang it up every year. Here’s a fun but also vintage looking ornament to add to anyone’s holiday decor!

Source and Tutorial:  Clean and Scentsible   Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Where to sell finished DIY:

Sell on Etsy!

5. Indian Corn Centerpiece

I know it’s only November and I’m not going to be one of those people who completely forget Thanksgiving! I even bought my turkey yesterday! Here’s a centerpiece that brings fresh and harvests vibes to the table.

Source and Tutorial: EddieRoss Indian Corn Centerpiece 

Where to sell finished DIY:

This one is a bit tricky I couldn’t find any active listings on Etsy or Ebay however you could still try out those sites or even Facebook Marketplace!


The holidays are a great time to not only bring family and friends together but also to use your craft holiday spirit to create wonderful holiday DIYs you can flip.

Use these DIYs to your heart’s content whether it’s for making some extra cash or saving some time and money for gifts for your loved ones!

I will definitely be making a part two article with more holiday DIYs money-making cheer!


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