How to Make $100 Dollars of Flipping Profit in a Day!


This blog post is going to be different than the other ones posted because I am going to show you guys real world flipping examples from myself.  The reason is I know there are still a lot of people fearful of getting started or even doubting that flipping can actually be done with great success.  I had a great shopping day yesterday and I am to utilize the opportunity by showing you guys how to make $100 dollars of flipping profit in a day!

First Stop: Savers

Out of all the big box thrift stores (Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army), I find Savers to have the nicer and cheaper selection.  Luckily there are a few near me but the one I stopped in yesterday had some goodies.

$3.99 Learning Games Bundle

I found this little bag of goodies handing with the toys.  I immediately knew this had value due to the number of games included and because of the demand kids electronic toys have these days.  Before kids get their iPhones, they get their little Vtech or LeapFrog learning tablets!  Once I got home I found out there was two sets of games.  There was a total of 13 learning games.

3 LeapFrog Leapster Games
10 Vtech V.Reader Games

I separated them and put them on eBay.   With a few hours the lot of Vtech games sold for $15.00!  I have the Leapfrog bundle listed at $8.50 and it hasn’t sold yet but I know it will be gone soon!

Total Profit:  Around $18 dollars after fees and shipping.  

Next I find this really awesome kids Marvel snowboard sitting with some golf clubs.  It is in great shape and not like the cheap plastic ones you find in the stores these days.  Picked this up for $15 dollars.

I’ll admit I really didn’t know how much this would go for but I got some reassurance when I found another seller selling the same thing.   But holy cow, this seller has it listed for $284 dollars + almost $40 dollars in shipping!

To me that seems a bit too high so I have it listed for $150 dollars right now.  I’m willing to guess that it’ll sell for anywhere between $75-$100 dollars but for now since i’m in no rush i’ll leave it up and see what happens.

Total Profit:  Between $50-$75 dollars after fees and shipping.

On my way out of Savers I saw a Nintendo Wii for $25.  Unfortunately since there was no way to hook it up, I didn’t risk it.  But that would have been a nice little pick up had it been working.

Second Stop:  Walmart

Ok i’m going to admit it, I don’t usually shop at Walmart for flipping.  The reason is unlike Target where clearance items drops down to 50-70% off relatively quickly, Walmart clearance items tends to hover 10-20%.  Also the item quality of the clearance items at Walmart is very poor compared to Target.  They are usually ripped, dirty or missing pieces.  However I had to do some late night grocery shopping and since I had nothing to do, I decided to take a look at their clearance items.  As I was walking down the aisles, some Star Wars things caught my eye.

star wars dartboard
Look at these dartboards!

I thought these were posters or something at first but then upon closer inspection I realized they were dartboards with darts included!  These didn’t have any stickers on them so I had to bring them to a scanning station to double check the price.   On my way there (my Walmart only has one by the garden area), I searched these up on eBay.

Click to see more like this on eBay

I was shocked, these were going for around $30 dollars after shipping!  And I was even more shocked when I finally scanned these for their price and the scanner said $4.25 each!  These might not fetch $30 each but i’m almost positive $20 dollars will be a sure thing.  I attached my receipt for proof.

Total Profit:  Around $21 dollars after fees and shipping.  

In Conclusion

In total I anticipate that I’ll be making between $90-115 dollars and might be even higher depending on how high the snowboard sells for.  I know most of the things I’ve picked up are still pending but my years of experience tells me they will be gone soon.  Remember I’ve only picked them up yesterday.  I hope this post was enlightening and that it’ll motivate those who haven’t started flipping yet to start.

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