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flipping websites

Flipping websites? Are you sure it’s not some Ponzi scheme? Yes, I’m sure, and believe it or not, people are earning 6 figures each year doing nothing but flipping websites online. In this day and age, digitals products are all the rage, and what better product to flip than the Holy Grail of the internet ie websites.

flipping websites

In this article, I will go through all that you need to start flipping websites. I will also introduce a revolutionary platform that you can use to not only flip websites but also domains, apps, and much more. So buckle up your seatbelts and hang on tight, because this might just be a life-changing article for you.

Flipping Websites Like a Pro

Before we go into the details, I’d like to tell you what you need to have a successful business of flipping websites. Firstly you need to have some initial investment with which you’re going to buy your first website. Keep in mind that you’re actually going to buy a fully functional site, which has been created and set up by someone else. I suggest that having a budget of $300 to $400 at the start is quite reasonable, even though you might find some sites selling for even lesser than that. Still, about 300 bucks in your pocket at the start should be enough to get into this business.

flipping websites

Secondly and more importantly, you need to have an eye for a good deal. Don’t just jump in and start buying sites without the proper research. You need to have good knowledge about the metrics of a website, about what is good and what is bad for a site. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert, you just need to know a few basic things.

What Is Flippa?

Flippa is an online marketplace from where you can buy readymade online businesses. These include websites, apps, eCommerce stores, and much more. It is the #1 Marketplace to buy and sell online businesses, as there are a lot of real buyers and sellers that visit this site every day.

flipping websites flippa

Flippa uses an auction system for all its sales. Sellers put their digital products up for sale, and the buyers can start bidding on them. The seller also has an option to put up a reserve price for which the product can be bought immediately without the bidding.

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The fantastic thing about Flippa is that there are a lot of verified people who are selling online businesses. Flippa also provides the buyers with detailed analytics about the products for sale. The payment method of Flippa is through Escrow. This ensures transparency, and the payment is only recieved when both buyer and seller have fulfilled their commitments.

How to Flip Websites Using Flippa

Flipping websites using Flippa is as easy as 123. All you have to do is identify a potentially valuable site, bid on it, or pay the reserve to buy that site and then resell it on Flippa. When flipping sites on Flippa you can follow two strategies that are guaranteed to give the best results.

The first strategy is easy and hassle-free, but you have got to have great attention to detail to sniff out a great deal. In this strategy you try to find a profitable site that is undervalued, you go in and buy that site, and then put it up for sale again. This way you can make a quick profit by buying low and selling high.

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The second strategy requires some effort on your part, as you have to find a site with potential, buy it and then add some value to it yourself. For example, you buy a website that has a lot of potential, has an awesome domain name, and can take off if it is equipped with some good content. You can add that content on the site, and literally increase its value. Finally, you can put up this much-improved site back on sale on Flippa, and earn a decent profit as a result of your value addition.

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Things To Keep In Mind

When buying websites on Flippa, it is important to go through the site analytics in detail. You should also check the verified status of the seller. Flippa has a legit verification system where they verify the seller by going through their phone number, their email, and most importantly their Govt Id.

seller verification

BONUS Passive Income!

In addition to flipping websites on Flippa, you can also generate an incredible amount of Passive income by buying readymade websites that are already earning a decent amount per month. These websites can be Affiliate sites or Adsense monetized sites. You can set up a great source of passive income by buying multiple websites and then enjoying the monthly returns.

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