Publishing Books and E-Books for Passive Income


Publish Books and E-Books, Make Money

It’s interesting how there are so many things that you can find on the internet these days including publishing books and e-books for passive income. The internet is so huge that there are new ways of earning a few extra cash popping up every day.

But yes! People apparently have been making money by publishing books and e-books on the internet. You don’t even have to be a great author to start this gig.  All you will need is a little bit of research and writing. With web searches at the palm of your hands, the possibilities are endless. Oh, and you’ll also need the Amazon service, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

What is Kindle Direct Publishing?

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This is Amazon’s self-publishing program for authors that allows for passive income earners. Like I said, you don’t really have to be an author to publish books or e-books. This works like Amazon Merch, it works like a print-on-demand platform, where you can upload your products and sell for a price (in this case, books and e-books). Amazon will take care of listing your items and they will simply get a commission for every time your e-book or book is sold.

Make Money by Publishing Books and E-books

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Publishing Books and E-Books are quite similar but here are some of the main differences.

Publishing Books

What kind of books to publish?

Why is there a section for “publishing books” when I said there’s no need to be an author? Well, quite simply, the book will not contain anything. Yes, crazy, I know. But in KDP, what print-in-demand savvy people do is come up with a book cover design and an interior layout.

Book Content and Design

The “book” that will actually be sold will come in the form of a journal or notebook. Take note that the pages will not be totally blank (although this can be an option). You’ll have to also design some sort of template like maybe lines to make it look like a notebook, a calendar/journal sort of template, or even just printed borders on the pages.

Book Pricing and Publishing Potentials

KDP Sellers usually start their pricing around $5 USD and increase the price once they get more sales on their “book”.

Of course, you can still sell books on Amazon if you want to pursue your dream of being an amateur writer. The steps are basically the same except you’ll include the actual text of your book instead of just designing templates. You don’t have to even have to be writing at least 500 pages of the book. You’ll only need to develop a topic that you want to write about. The genre is your call but be sure to know your target audience.

Sometimes, people publish a book on KDP but there are some who don’t want to get through the intricate detail of designing a book cover and would want to publish smaller books. This is where e-books come in.

Publishing E-Books

I’m not going to tell you to sell an e-book with just a cover page and blank pages! That only works for printed books!

However, people who want to share their thoughts on things sometimes publish e-books instead of writing blogs. If you’re not really into coming up a topic by yourself, there’s another way of being able to write content and that is through transcription.

The advantage of writing e-books is they don’t have to be as lengthy as books. I’ve seen 30-page e-books and still sell because of their target market. What some publishers on KDP do is watch instructional videos or videos focusing on a certain topic and transcribe the details. Then, they rearrange their composition, conduct a little bit of research to supplement the information from the video, then publish them as an e-book on KDP.



So, there you go, if you’re looking for a passive income to your portfolio, publishing an e-book or book through Kindle Direct Publishing is a great option. It’s a passive income because once you publish your books, you basically leave it there while it generates sales. Of course, if you’re really an amateur author that wants to publish content and earn some money, this is a good starting place.

Find your niche

The key, though, is to find your niche market. In the online retail world, it’s all about finding that specific market that you want to cater to. Otherwise, there’s a whole world out there that you’ll have to contend with when it comes to sales. You want to write about plants? Cool, but it’s still a wide subject. Writing about bonsai trees, though, now that’s even cooler and we’re looking at a very specific market.

So good luck out there with your venture into this passive income through publishing e-books or books through the Kindle Direct Publishing service of Amazon. Who knows at some point you might make it to the top of kindle rankings and knock off best-sellers like A Time for Mercy by John Grisham.









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