The Rich Do Not Work For Money


I’m sure you’ve heard of this common saying, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.  Think its a myth?  Think again.  While the middle-class slaves away at a 9-5 job working for money, the Rich Do Not Work for Money.

According to this Reuters article, the wealthiest fifth of Americans holds 88% of the country’s wealth.  88%! And according to this Guardian article, the world’s richest 1% own half of the world’s wealth.

So how do the rich do it and more importantly what can you do about it?  Do you simply accept that you will never get rich?   No, you don’t.

The rich simply figured a way out of the ‘system’ and created their own path.

So what is the ‘system?’  It is the world we live in.

The world where our schools teach us nothing about money and the world where we slave away at a 9-5 job for the rest of our lives.  Why? Because we get trapped due to our enormous amount of student loans and because we’ve learned nothing in school about money.    Nothing about money and certainly nothing about getting rich.

I was the very same.  I was an IT professional for 15 years and made a sizable income.  In fact, well over six-figures a year.   Combined with my wife’s income, we were making very good money.  But guess what?  We had almost zero in our savings account!

How?  Why?  But?

Yes, all of the above!  Even with all of our income, we were spending just as much.  We had a mortgage to pay for our house.  We had two car payments.  We had daycare to pay.    We ate out often and took expensive family vacations.   And each month, when it was all said it done, we were basically living paycheck to paycheck.

Does this sound familiar?

That is what this article is all about, how to get you started on the same path as the rich and break out of your current lifestyle.   All it takes is two steps.

Step 1:  Save Money

As easy as this may sound, it is one of the hardest things to do.  Saving money is a prerequisite of step 2 and it is vital in getting you started on this path of the rich.

Without savings, you truly are living paycheck to paycheck and locked to your job.  It’s so easy to spend money in our society, it’s almost hilarious.  Think about all those preapproved credit card letters you get in the mail.  Your basically given free credit lines every week.  And the government wants you to spend because it’ll boost the economy.

So step number 1 is to save money.  It is the only way you can break out of the system which is our life of spending.

We all have things we can cut out.  Coffee from Starbucks.  Lunches and Dinners.  Family vacations and add ons to the home.  The list goes on and on.

And I get it, as a hard-working professional,  you work hard and you want to play hard too.  That’s what most of us do but it also locks you in your job without any way of becoming rich.  If you want to become rich then you have to start making some sacrifices.

Cut out the Starbucks runs, hold off on expensive family vacations.  Do what you can to start saving money.  Without extra money in the bank, you can never break free or move on to step 2.

Step 2:  Invest

There are two things the rich do really well, invest and avoid taxes…legally.  I’m not going to concentrate on tax breaks, loopholes and ways to avoid them in this article.   But I am going to talk about investing.

The rich invest because they make money work for them.  This is why the Rich Do Not Work for Money.

They make money work for them 24/7 while they are sleeping, on vacation or doing whatever else the rich do.  Heard of the saying, don’t work harder but smarter?  Yup, investing is working smarter.

This is why having savings is so important, without money in the bank, there is no way you can invest.

Ok so what are some types of investing, here are 6 types.

  • High Yielding Savings Account
  • Stocks
  • Precious Metals
  • Real Estate
  • Businesses
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

High Yielding Savings Account

This is exactly what it sounds like, savings account with a high-interest rate.  You can find some of these savings accounts from banks offering 2-3% of interest per year.

Now, this doesn’t sound like much, especially compared to the rest the options out there.  However, there is almost no risk with saving accounts.   Simply deposit and forget about it.  And this is the most basic way of making money work for you, even 2-3% collected per year is better than nothing.


This is what most people think about investing, buying shares of promising companies.

Stocks can be rewarding, not only can you collect dividends simply by just holding on to them but capital gains are taxed differently as well.  And of course best of all, depending on the cycle and the industry, stocks can see hundreds % of gains within a year.  But of course, you can also see 30-50% dips in a year too.

With stocks, with high rewards come high risk so you have to be careful which company or sector you buy.

Precious Metals

Precious metals such as Gold and Silver are great especially during economic downturns or periods of recession.  They have been around for thousands of years and considered “god’s money.”  They will always have a place within our society and people put money into precious metals as a safe haven when other investments are doing poorly.

Real Estate

From the beginning of time to the end of time, there will always be a need for homes.  Real estate investment has gotten hot recently but the rich have been hoarding up real estate for hundreds of years.

Many new-age millionaires and billionaires have been their money in real estate.

Real estate usually takes a large sum of money to get started and takes years before you reap the rewards.   But if successful, you can add the homes you own and grow from a single unit to thousands of units over time.


Ever watch Shark Tank?  If so then you get the concept.   If you want to invest in promising companies because either you have the experience to help them grow or if you simply have the money they need, you can become an angel investor.

If the new business takes off to becomes the next Uber then your a billionaire.  But if the business fails, and most of them do, then you are left with nothing.

Investing in businesses is usually reserved for those who have a lot of saved up already and have other investments.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a digital currency and is considered “people’s money” since it was created by people for the people.  Bitcoin is not controlled by any government and cannot be inflated or deflated.  No country can apply a monetary policy or decided to print more.  Bitcoin is also secure due to its cryptographic nature and its use of the blockchain.

Bitcoin has been around for 10 years and has outperformed every single investment out there as it has grown 22 million %.   And many feel this new digital currency will only grow as more adoption takes place.

However, due to tremendous growth, Bitcoin has extremely high volatility.    There are periods where Bitcoin has dropped 87% from its highs.

Those who buy Bitcoin and hold it for long periods of time are the ones who have benefitted the most.  To learn more about Bitcoin, check out this YouTube channel.


So how do the rich get richer?  By breaking out the system and invest.  The Rich Do Not Work for Money, they make money work for them.  So if you want to become the next Elon Musk or Warren Buffet, make sure you start by breaking out of the system and start saving.  Get your self out of the living paycheck to paycheck and then invest.    Talk to a financial advisor or do your own research into which investments are right for you.

If you learn better by watching videos, then check out the video I made about this very topic.


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