Work From Home By Starting A Flipping Business


work from home by starting a flipping business

Want to work from home?  If so let me introduce you to the buy and sell, a.k.a. “flipping”, business. You’ve probably heard of flipping homes which have been super popular ever since the housing bubble. But did you ever think about flipping other things that didn’t require so much capital or time?  For example, old and dated furniture often seen at garage sales can be flipped for big profit.  And common day items such as clothes, electronics, cosmetics, costumes, and even books can be flipped as well.  

Continue reading to see how you can work from home by starting a flipping business and why it is the best choice.   

Zero Upfront Investment

When starting a business, one of the biggest concerns everyone has is the amount of money that is required to get started.  For restaurants and retail stores, you have to worry about financing, stocking the kitchen or inventory and hiring staff.  For houses, you have to get a mortgage and have a large amount of money left for renovations.  Even for online businesses, you have to invest in a website, products, and marketing.

Work from home flipping requires you to have little to no money upfront.  You don’t need a store or even website, all you need are items.  Get started for free by simply reselling items you have around the house.  Take a look at Junk Around The House You Can Sell on eBay for ideas of what you can flip immediately from your home.   Move on to friends or family next for items to flip.  Sure it might be embarrassing to ask but I’m sure we’ve all been in situations where a friend or family member asked you if you wanted something because they were going to throw it out anyways.  Take advantage of those situations.  Lastly, did you know you can get free stuff from Craigslist?  Take a look at how you can Flipping Free Stuff on Craigslist.

Branch Out

After you made some money flipping free things then branch out with your earned money into products that you find at dollar stores, garage sales, thrift stores, online stores and retail stores.  Identify products that are being sold below market value (use eBay and Amazon to determine market value), buy them and then simply flip them at market value.  The difference is your profit.  Start by buying one product and concentrate on flipping that.  Then move on to the next product.  If done properly, each flip will net you a healthy profit.  And as you flip more and more, your bank account and earning increases.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to buy, where to buy them and how to calculate profit.  I highly recommend taking a look at Flipping Your Way to Success which covers those topics and more.  

There are very little businesses you can start with such little investment.  Compare a work at home flipping business that requires literally zero upfront investment to the tens or hundreds of thousands you’ll need for other types of businesses.

Minimal Financial or Credit Risk

This goes hand-in-hand with the low upfront investment.  Unlike some businesses which require you to take out a huge loan which puts your collateral and credit at risk, a flipping business does not require you to have a huge upfront investment.  

With flipping, all the money you spend goes into inventory. When done correctly, you should never have inventory that you can’t sell for profit.  But let’s take the worse case scenario and say you do have one or multiple items you can’t sell for profit.  Then at the very least, you sell the items for even money or even at a loss.  You’ll recover some of the costs no matter what unless you simply purchased horrible buys or if the items somehow got damaged.  

Even with the worse case scenario, things such as on-going rent, finance costs, long-term contracts or even mortgages you’re locked into are no concerns.  Those are the type of things that ruin a person and cause them to go bankrupt.  With flipping, rest assured that your financial or credit risk is minimal.  

Incredible Earning Potential and Flexibility

With a work at home flipping business, you control your earning potential and your own schedule.  The more time you want to dedicate to finding deals and flipping, the more you can earn.  You can be flipping part-time for a few hundred dollars extra a month or be flipping full-time and maintaining a very comfortable lifestyle making over six-figures a year.  Do the research, buy and sell and ship things from home, on the go, at work (not recommended) or even on vacation.  You control your level of commitment as well as your goals and objectives.  

These days there are so many niches out there and so many tools one can utilize. Take a look at 5 Ways to Resell Clothes for Profit which shows websites and apps dedicated to flipping clothes.  How To Make Money Flipping Phones shows how one can buy, fix and flip phones.   Sell Books Online The Easy Way teaches you the best way to sell used books.  Retail Arbitrage for Dummies lays out the foundation for flipping retail items.  

Remember you to control your earnings and your own schedule.

Very Easy to Start

Unlike other professions which may take years or decades to learn, the flipping business can be started almost immediately.  To sum up, simply identify and buy items or products that are sold under market value. Then list up the item for sale at market value and profit.  That’s literally it.  There are some small details including where to source items, what kind of items or niches one should look into, what tools to use to sell on, etc… but those are all things that can be learned very quickly.

Next start reading all the posts on Flipping Income and learn learn learn!  I have various pro secrets listed in many of my posts.  Here is one example Coupon Stacking For More Profit.

Conclusion and Next Steps

After reading this post, I hope I’ve convinced you why starting a buy and sell, a.k.a. “flipping”, business is the best work at home job.  There are very little businesses that offer the low investment, minimal risk, flexibility, easy of getting started.  Next recommended steps are:

  1. Open up an eBay and Amazon account.  They are free and take less than 5 mins each.  Then download the apps onto your mobile phone.  You will be using both apps to use as your reference guides for now.  Once you are ready to use them to sell, then open up the seller’s accounts on each.  Sell on EbaySell on Amazon.
  2. Read the other blog posts on FlippingIncome to get ideas on different ideas or niches to concentrate on.  I’ve linked up several articles above already so at the very least, check them out.  
  3. If you haven’t yet, sign up to my email list get my How-To Get Start Flipping Guide.  You’ve probably closed the sign-up pop-ups a few times now, don’t ignore it and sign up.  You’ll get a really good but brief guide on getting the basics out of the way.
  4. For people who want to accelerate their learning or want more help on getting started, take a look at Flipping Your Way to Success which covers A-Z about everything one needs to know about flipping.  

Good Luck!


3 Replies to “Work From Home By Starting A Flipping Business”

  1. I totally agree with your post. I got into flipping items on a whim and quickly realized the potential of creating a small business. It is also fun finding quality items at great prices. It is an easy and low-cost business for almost anyone to start.

  2. Am interested in flipping, but don’t know how to do it. I think Etsy says you have to setup a bank account and they take a percentage of your sales. I am not real happy with amazon keeping your account numbers in their data base with alot of breaching of information and hackers stealing peoples money. So what is the best way to flip and earn an income? I get that you put a little love into items and resell them, but all this takes time to create and everyone’s bills are monthly and sometimes weekly.

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